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Posted on February 05 2014

   All of KARVT products are made local in downtown Loveland, CO. We buy our materials local, work predominantly with small family owned businesses, and collaborate with artists from around the US and the world. Take for example our new spiral bound wooden journals! We love to collaborate with and promote many different artists including Hydro 74 who designed this first round of journals. Hydro74 is an Orlando based artist and his website can be found here ( Once we laser engrave the designs on to real wood, and put everything that we can do here together, we take all of the pieces of our soon to be journal to a local book binding family owned business called The Bookbinders ( and they do an excellent job putting our journals together!


   Some people may think that we don't do much here at KARVT besides engrave other people's designs, but it is so much more than that. We work with others, we spread the wealth, we are always looking for new artists to work with, and brainstorming new ways of creating products that give affordable quality to your life. We want everyone to flourish who comes in contact with KARVT, and when you buy from us you are supporting a wide range of real individual people and families.

Find these journals and more artist collaborations at:

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