KOOL AID stickers- Limited addition designed by @Cabreezy produced by KARVT

Posted on June 12 2014

Hello KARVTIANS! (hahaha… like how I did that?)

    Check it out!!! KOOL AID stickers for ADULTS!!!! Designed by the one and only @cabreezy! Or should I say the legend Cabreezy? Don’t know who @cabreezy… well you should! Cabreezy is a fururist, mentalist,collector, designer, and hitman for hire. You can check him out on instagram! This is just one of the many awesome designs he has to offer! One of my personal favorites! You can purchase these off of our website at www.karvt.com and any order over $40 gets one for free!

    Don’t you guys remember when you were little and you got a new shiny sticker? The excitement of “where in the world should I stick this one?” Whether it was from one of those stickers machines that you had to beg an adult for a few quarters and pray it was one you liked, or just a free sticker that came in your box of cracker jacks or box of cereal? I am not sure about all of you but I recall sticking stickers all over my everything! On my dressers, binders, electronic devices and really any surface that I could claim. It was a never ending sticker collection that just kept growing and growing as the years went by. Once the time came for me to move out and head off to college my dresser had stickers on it from the age of 5 to the age of 17.

    Needless to say… it was AWESOME!

    Now as an adult I am proud to say I still am an avid sticker collector! I am just a little bit more particular about the ones I apply to my belongings. That all being said even as an adult stickers are still such a cool way to say “Hey! I like this!” Stickers are a great way to represent! One of my 1st 2 stroke dirt bikes was covered in goofy stickers that let all the boys know they just got beat by a girl! I remember having one that had a little can of soda that read “whoop ass” and below it that said “Don’t make me open this!” In a world where self expression is  generally accepted as “normal” it’s awesome to be able to customize your own possessions. On my car I rock an awesome Flower of Life sticker made here at KARVT in the back window.

Recently Kurt the owner of KARVT introduced me to WOODEN stickers! WHAT???!!! Yes… wooden stickers! They are so tight! This last week I attended the Colorado regional burning man (Apogaea) and gifted away some bamboo wooden stickers that we made here in shop that were designed by Hydro74. People FLIPPED OUT over them!

    I love working for a company that specializes in customizable swag. I get the chance to work with many talented artists and individuals! On top of  that I also have to opportunity to make my creative ideas a reality. Working with a company such as KARVT has really opened up my imagination to the endless possibilities of  being able to personalize my everything! KARVT first started out with a single Epilog laser engraver, which we use primarily for cutting and engraving onto wood, however; the Epilog has endless possibilities!  

   We first started out make wooden skins, cases, journals, mirrors and so much more! Now we have slowly but surely been moving on up. We have recently picked up a Roland printer, so now we can not only print onto wood but also make our own sweet stickers. Exciting isn’t it! Do you have an awesome idea you would like to bring to life? Let us know what it is and we will help you make that idea a reality! Contact us at info@karvt.com and we will be in touch! We believe in your imagination! Now lets make some cool shit!


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