Pre-Order Your New iPhone 6 Wood Case!

Posted on September 17 2014

We are just a couple days away from the official iPhone 6 and 6+ release! How exciting! After reading many reviews online I have gathered that the new iPhone 6 is supposed to be one of the most comprehensive overhauls of the iPhone since the iPhone 4. The processor has been updated, the camera is now quicker and more capable and the battery has been enlarged. Not to mention the overall design of the phone has become way more sleek and includes a larger more durable screen. Apple says that the screen has 38% more viewing area than the previous iPhone, which is great considering most of us spend plenty of time looking at our smartphones. Now... once you have gotten your new iPhone 6 it would be a shame to take something that has been designed to be thin and sleek and slap a large oversize case on it. I understand why in some cases they are needed. For instance if your children play with your phone or if you have a lifestyle where your phone is in danger of being damaged due to everyday work. If you aren't using your phone for such things than a nice sleek wooden skin or wood iPhone 6 case is defiantly the way to go! Here at Karvt we are offering our customers the opportunity to pre-order their new wood skin or wood iPhone 6 case to beat the crowds. We are also offering a great promo code for 20% on top of the pre-order sale price. Type in FreshSkins at check out for you discount! Not getting the new iPhone. Not a problem! The promo code works for any of products offered. Keep in mind that once the iPhone 6 has been released the pre-order sale prices will return to their normal prices, so be sure to jump on this great opportunity!
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