iPhone 6 & 6+ Cases & Skins Shipment dates!~

Posted on September 25 2014

Hello Karvt Customers! 


   Just a heads up on our pre-sale shipments! Our package with our hard rubberized cases was stopped and is being held in customs. We are thinking once it is released it should only take a day to get to us in Colorado. We are hoping to have this package by Friday. If that is the case Kurt (the owner of KARVT) and I will be pulling an all weekender to get these finished so we can start shipping Monday. We have finished the skins for the iPhone 6 and are just waiting on packaging to arrive in the mail for us to ship these out. The packaging for the skins and cases should be here by the end of the week. We do apologize for the delay. The iPhone 6+ is taking a little longer than anticipated due to the fact they are incredibly hard to get your hands on for exact measurements. We have found the measurements online, but we are running tests on whether or not the iPhone 6+ front and back skins we have made will fit. We have some customers who have their iPhone 6+ that are doing some trial runs for us. All and all we are looking to start shipping iPhone 6 skins and cases next week and the 6+ the following week after, if not sooner. We understand the iPhone 6+ has been having issues with bending. We are aware that all you of with your iPhone 6+ are eager to get your new case or skin to help prevent this and we are trying our hardest to get these out to you ASAP. Please understand that we are small business offering a product that we are creating from scratch. We understand if some of you do not wish to wait any longer, however; for those of you who can give us the time we need to create these awesome skins and cases you will not be disappointed. Being that iPhone 6 & 6+ were only released on 9/19 we ask that our customers understand that we less than two weeks ago. Pre-Sales take longer due to the fact we are still creating the product. Soon enough you will have your custom handmade wooden skin or case. Thank you all for your patients and support! Feel free to email me at info@karvt.com for further questions. 

Dawn O.


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