How to care for your Wood iPhone Case or Skin!

Posted on October 08 2014

Now that you have your new wood iPhone case or skin there are a couple of things you must do in order to keep it in tip top shape! Being that these skins are made from 100% real wood it is important that you treat it as such. When it comes to wood you must keep in mind that water is not its friend. You wouldn't place a glass on top of a nice wood table without a coaster under it would you? The answer is no! (If you answered yes then you need to be disciplined!) Same applies for your wooden skins and cases. Try to avoid contact with water or liquids so that the wood doesn't get damaged. Something else that is good to do for your wood iPhone case or skin is to clean it every once in a while with a wood or furniture polish. We have found that pledge works just fine and it leaves your case and skins smelling nice and fresh. For tips on how to remove your skins (from your macbook or phone) check out our blog on removal.



Dawn O. 


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