How to remove you KARVT skins!~

Posted on October 08 2014

So the time has come to remove your KARVT skin (so that you may replace it with another one awesome KARVT skin) but you are not quite sure how to do so. 1st things 1st! Don't just start ripping it off! Have you ever tried to rip off a sticker that was really well stuck down? What happens? It rips and gets adhesive stuck to object. Same thing can potentially happen here, considering this is just a really beautiful wood sticker. We have come to find that popping them off with a plastic paint scrapper or trying to pop them off from all 4 corners works best. Sometimes the wood will rip and you will have to at that point begin to rip off pieces at a time. Not to worry though! Any residue left behind can be removed with goo be gone or some similar. 3M actually also makes an adhesive remover that works great! Be very careful if using something to pop off your KARVT skin, so that you do not scratch your device! If you have anymore questions please email us at



Dawn O. 

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